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Who We Are?

Isolation Gown helps to protect the patient

  • Meditex For Medical Supplies is a leading company in the healthcare industry, Meditex was established in 2005 with more than 18 years of experience in the healthcare sector. We derive our authentic knowledge of customers' needs and how to obtain their satisfaction by providing distinguished service, primarily represented in getting a different level of quality even in very small details.

  • Meditex is a specialist in personal protective equipment, Meditex produces different types of High-quality Isolation Gowns with many features. All of our materials are from medical non-woven and pass all the quality tests according to EN 13795-1:2019.

  • In Meditex, we adopt the principle of sustainability and work in a way that contributes to preserving the environment, given our way of working and the plans set, we find that during the next five years, we will completely transform into friends of the environment in which we live and all materials used are environmentally friendly by 100% within three years at most and by the end of the five years, even if the energy we use will be entirely from the environmentally friendly resource.

Our Main Goals

Meditex For Medical Supplies is a Leading Company

Meditex Vision

Serving the world community by providing them with high-quality health care products, especially personal protection products.

Meditex Mission

Continuously working to provide all that is valuable to all of our stakeholders by providing the healthcare sector with high quality products whose main goal is to maintain the basic safety principles in our global community.

Meditex Values

Integrity - Ownership - Care - Learning - Inclusivity - Environmentally Care.

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