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Disposable Doctor Cap

The Disposable Doctor Cap is a hygienic head protection accessory for healthcare professionals. It offers a secure fit, prevents hair shedding, and ensures a sterile environment during medical procedures. Lightweight, latex-free, and disposable for single-use convenience. Perfect for hospitals and clinics.

Enhance the safety and hygiene of your medical practices with the Disposable Doctor Cap. Order now to ensure the well-being of both your medical staff and patients.

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Intended Use:

The Disposable Doctor Cap is specifically designed to provide reliable head protection for healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities. It is an essential accessory for maintaining a clean and sterile environment during medical procedures, surgeries, and patient care.


Crafted with precision, the Disposable Doctor Cap features a classic design with a secure and comfortable fit. The cap is easy to wear and ensures hair containment to prevent any potential contamination during medical procedures. Its ergonomic design caters to various head sizes, ensuring a snug and worry-free experience for medical practitioners.

Product Features:
  • Hygienic Material: Constructed from high-quality, non-woven polypropylene fabric, the Disposable Doctor Cap is hygienic, latex-free, and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Secure and Comfortable Fit: Equipped with an elastic band, the cap provides a secure and comfortable fit, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on their tasks without distractions.
  • Breathable Fabric: The cap’s breathable fabric ensures proper air circulation, minimizing heat build-up during extended wear.
  • Hair Containment: The cap efficiently contains hair, minimizing the risk of hair shedding and maintaining a sterile medical environment.
  • Disposable: Designed for single-use, the cap reduces the risk of cross-contamination and ensures a high level of hygiene.

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Supply Ability

20,000 pcs/day

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Max. 30 Working Days


The caps are carefully packaged to preserve their quality during transit, arriving at your doorstep in pristine condition.


Non-Woven Polypropylene Fabric.


Disposable, intended for single-use only.




Essential for healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities to maintain a sterile environment.